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Business Continuity Planning
      & Disaster Recovery Planning

It is inevitable that every business and organization will experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This can happen any day and at any time. The potential causes are many and varied: computer component failure, accident, weather related, terrorist act, grievous act, or some other unanticipated situation.
Are you prepared for any eventuality that will adversely affect the operations of your business? Many businesses do not prepare for the possibility of business interruption which places their business, employees, and future viability at the hands of chance.

Just because your Network Operations department assures you they have everything well in hand; this is not always the case. We can independently audit your business for a relatively low cost. In nearly every audit, we had found serious deficiencies which resulted in sweeping changes.

A well prepared plan can make the difference between business failure and business success!
- Disaster Recovery services to assist you to get back in operation quickly
- Analysis or modification of existing plans
- Development of new plans

Some of the most common inadequacies in the network operations department are:

  When backups are not backups (automatic verification alone is not enough, open files may not store properly!);
Non-proactive replacement of server drives (hard drives inevitably fail);
No RAID protection or poor RAID organization (RAID is inexpensive and very effectively protects your company
    from lost data and down-time);
Poorly maintained UPS and power protection (are you sure your UPS power protection is still working?);
No environmental controls.
    Equipment failure significantly increases in environments with poor air quality, high temperatures and humidity,
    vibrations, electrical noise, etc;
No off-site backups;

This list covers only the basic and common sense factors; there is so much more to understand.
With over 15 years of experience in the development, testing, and implementation of Data Recovery and Business Continuity planning in Banking, Utilities, and Business, we can take care of your needs.

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