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General Site Analysis

Our team of professionals have years of experience in a variety of industries, as managers and CIO's in Banking, Finance, Engineering, and other industries.  In particular, our banking background can help any business run lean and maximize profits. 

Have our professionals review your infrastructure to ensure your organization is running at an optimum level. We can review your entire operation and provide you with detailed reports. We can customize our analysis to your particular industry. Upon the completion of our analysis, we will provide you with a certificate of health for your operation.

As a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, be assured that we are an ethical and professional business entity. 

Help Desk Analysis

The help desk is often plays a critical role in the efficient operation of an entire organization. A detailed analysis of your help desk can determine if it fits your existing business model, and shed light on its effectiveness among your customers and internal clients.

A properly administered help desk can increase corporate productivity and improve profits. We can provide a full report, including user surveys, to determine the effectiveness of your Help Desk. 

Becoming proactive today could save your organization a significant amount of money.

Computer Data Protection, Recovery

Data is like gold to your organization, and you need to protect it. With all the risks in today's world, it is more important then ever to provide adequate protection. We can help you design and implement a disaster recovery plan which is absolutely essential for any business.

If the unthinkable occurs we can help. We have experts available that can recover data from most situations. In matters of forensic interests we can help document and/or recover data that may have been deleted either deliberately or accidentally. Professional documentation of findings will accompany all our work.

We are proud to note, that we did not loose any data or down time during the recent hurricane Katrina Disaster.

Training Room Design

Do you require more training but it’s too inconvenient or expensive to send your staff out to class? Install
a small training room right on your office. You will be surprised how inexpensive and effective this solution
can be.

Allow us to provide a cost effective solution for you. Whether it is a training area for one person, a dozen, or more; we can design and setup everything you require.

Telecom Services

Cell phones, land lines, data lines, Fiber optics, WiFi, VoIP, encrypted communications, etc. It is no wonder that many organizations have lost control of their Telecom bills!

Technology has advanced so rapidly in recent years that many corporations struggle to maintain a competitive edge. You are likely losing thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary telecom charges. We are highly skilled in improving telecommunications efficiency and brokering better deals on behalf of our clients.

Small home based businesses can benefit and save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year by having us perform a Telecom analysis to determine the BEST solution for your business.

Medium and Large organizations could save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  Recently we performed a Telecom analysis at a company of 250 employees that resulted in over $200,000 dollars per year!

We were one of the first to install a Metro Fiber Ethernet service in South Florida that tied together multiple bank branches and saved thousands of dollars and increased productivity.
Becoming proactive today could save your organization a significant amount of money. 

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